Advantages and Opinion of loans Credifranco in 2019

25 Nov


Do you need money urgently but no traditional platform or bank offers you an adequate personal loan? Today we bring you a proposal that you should not miss. Low interest rate, flexibility, security, incredible amounts and a lot of comfort is what CrediFranco offers you this 2018. Sensational advantages accompanied by an absolute professionalism, special personal loans for you.

Credi Franco wants to help you as much as possible in your economic urgency or attempt to fulfill a small dream that you have stranded a few years ago.

There are many opinions about CrediFranco, which will make you trust in the personal loan platform. At the end of the article you will see them.

What is CrediFranco?

CrediFranco is a platform for personal microloans with a very low interest rate and incredible amounts. These microloans are the best in the market thanks to the great ease of obtaining them; without guarantees or endorsements.

In you can use the Smartphone to request the loan, either to pay an emergency or travel a little. Keep in mind that you can select the payment method you want. Remember that everything is completely online, from the comfort of where you are.


Advantages of CrediFranco

At the beginning of the article we show you some advantages that CrediFranco has. The time has come for you to observe all of them and know the excellent benefits you gain from being a client of the platform:

  • With CrediFranco Mexico you can improve the history you have.
  • Availability of technical equipment for the help you need 24/7 throughout the year. Non-business days are included.
  • With your Smartphone you can visualize the movements. The comfort offered by the platform is unique.
  • If you pay the amount in time and form, CrediFranco will reward you by reducing the interest rate on upcoming loans.

How does CrediFranco work?

You have to know that CrediFranco without a payroll exists. That is, you do not require a payroll to achieve an amount.

CrediFranco loans work in a normal way; Simulator, requirements, amounts and terms.

CrediFranco requirements

  • Be of age. The minimum 25 years and the maximum 44 years.
  • Reside in Mexico and dispose of nationality.
  • Have the school graduate.
  • Have an income of at least 8,000 pesos.
  • Email.
  • Have the valid voter card.
  • Ownership of a bank account.
  • Have a Smartphone This is mandatory since you must download the mobile application, and the screen must be at least 720p.
  • Proof of your address: Can be the CFA light receipt, the validity must not exceed 3 months.

Remember that CrediFranco will carry out credit bureaus and Credit Circle evaluations obligatorily. If this worries you, keep in mind that one of the virtues of them is flexibility, therefore, if you have stable receipts, the negative record will be ignored.

If you have placed a landline during the registration process, the SMS with the code will not arrive. Remember that landlines are not accepted.

Respect to the electronic mail, must be totally valid, since they will send you a verification email.

You have to have some very important documentation to be able to request the microloan without any type of problem. Here we will show you:

  • A selfie for the security of the platform, they need to identify you.
  • The valid voter’s credential.
  • Proof of address. Receipt of light that does not exceed 3 months of validity.

CrediFranco Simulator

With the simulator you have the possibility to know the interests and the total amount that you have to pay, thanks to the term and amount selected. You can find this option on all platforms, it’s similar.

Amounts and Deadlines

Remember that they are microloans. That is, the maximum amount is very high, but it makes up for it with the basic requirements they request.

The minimum amount you can acquire is 1,000 pesos and the maximum amount 50,000 pesos. In case you are a new client, the maximum of the first loan is only 2,000 pesos, after the second, everything returns to normal.

The term of the return of the loan varies between 2 weeks and 12 weeks, you choose.

How to apply for a loan?

To apply for a loan on the platform, you must follow the procedure that we will leave you step by step below:

  • First download the mobile application on your Smartphone.
  • Then, sign up using your email and your mobile phone number.
  • Click on “Apply for a Loan” Remember to have the voter card and the CFE receipt.
  • On the screen you will see a guide, you must follow it.
  • Finally, a platform consultant will contact you and quickly obtain the requested loan.

CrediFranco has a program called CrediFranco Graduation, which allows you to obtain discounts on future loans, thanks to good behavior and repay the loan on time.

Interests of CrediFranco

Interests of CrediFranco

The interest rate, compared to other platforms in the market, is very low. CrediFranco always wants to benefit you with its features, you should take advantage of it.

Depending on the term of the return and the amount selected, next to the graduation that contains the loan, the minimum interest is 4.16% and the maximum 33.33%.

CrediFranco personal loans are a key option for you and your economic urgency, do not think twice and acquire one with all its benefits.

Return loan from CrediFranco

There are different options within CrediFranco online to make the repayment of the loan in a timely manner:

  • OXXO stores.
  • Wire transfer. In this option you must enter the number of your loan.
  • Cash deposit. In this option you must enter the number of your loan.
  • Payment in stores: SAMs club, Savings Pharmacies, Wal-Mart, Superama, etcetera.

Remember that in CrediFranco you can carry out a refund prior to the end of the term without paying extra commissions. Keep in mind that there will be no discounts.



In case of going through an unforeseen problem, which implies not being able to return the loan on time, you can request an extension without any problem. They extend between 14 – 21 and 30 days. You must contact CrediFranco via chat / email / telephone to obtain the extension with the maximum anticipation of one day. You can even request such an extension through the application. Keep in mind that there are extra commissions for the extension. The same must be confirmed from the platform.

If you do not request the extension and do not return the loan on time, default interest will appear: The amount is added 1.5% of the same per day.

Customers area of CrediFranco

Customers area of CrediFranco

  • Movements from the mobile application.
  • With the CrediFranco app you can make payments, request loans and see how the profile is.

Did they accept the loan or not?

You will know if your online CrediFranco application was accepted if you send an email with the verification code. After this, you will receive an SMS with another code. This message takes a few minutes.

Is the Bureau verified?

CrediFranco will provide the payments made by you to the Credit Bureau and Círculo de Crédito, in order to improve your credit history.

Contact of CrediFranco

It is normal to have doubts or problems that you want to solve, Credi Franco is always available to help you. You must contact the CrediFranco Telephone: 5547774623 or by email:

Is CrediFranco reliable?

A question that many new clients ask themselves, and it is normal, nobody wants to be scammed when requesting a personal loan. You should know that there is an extraordinary amount of CrediFranco opinions that all clients do, with the aim of endorsing all the information offered by the platform. You will see some of these opinions at the end of the article.


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